Petanque? Who?

I gather from the wine label that Petanque is a game of sorts, perhaps slightly bocce like. The wine was a 2007 Michel Schlumberger Viognier. It came in my last club shipment, and since Michel Schlumberger keeps their wine club shipment to $50 no matter what wine is in there, I have no idea what this bottle would retail for. Otherwise, it had a real cork closure and clocked in at 13.4% alcohol by volume.

I’ve never had a Viognier from Michel Schlumberger before, but boy have I been missing out because this one was a fabulous example of all that can be right about this grape.

On the nose I found pear, honey, peach, honeysuckle, flowers, and lemon. The nose was delightful, very aromatic, making my think of walking by the honeysuckle that used to grow at the top of the road I grew up on.

The mouth was like biting into a fresh, sweet, juicy, just ready to eat pear. Have you had the pears from Harry and David? The flavors were reminiscent of those pears, which to me are the best pears I’ve ever eaten. I also found some melon, honey, and citrus.

The wine was crisp, but had a nice rounded finish. I don’t think this juice saw any oak, which really let the flavors of the grape shine through. I could see how this would be a great wine to sip while playing an outdoor summer game, even if I don’t know what that game is!

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  1. You got to love a good Viogneir and a game of Petanque! Summer days in France, oh how I remember……Oh wait, that was a dream and this label makes it all come back.

    Here is a little information on Petanque…étanque

    From your picture the wine has nice color and sounds like a great summer wine to serve outside with a fish and a light salad with apples and nuts.

    Nice review.

  2. If you’ve never played Petanque, you’re missing out, especially when taught by the local Petanque team located in the hidden pueblos sequestered in the mountains of Northern Catalunya. I was leading a group of 25 Americans on a bike tour through a narrow passage when suddenly, we found ourselves in the middle of a very serious Petanque tournament. As an American, I’m more familiar with Bocce ball myself, but this league of 70+ Petanque players were so beside themselves that none of us knew how to play, that they took it upon themselves to teach us all. And, best of all, the Bocce ball team all had their bota bag filled with table wine and engraved with their pueblo’s team name. If only I was a good enough negotiator in catalan to have gotten my hands on one of those 😉

  3. a good reminder that viogner is great on these warm days!

  4. Pétanque love seems to be spreading. I enjoyed an entirely different Vin de Pétanque not long ago, one from closer to the home of the sport.

  5. Played a lot of Petank in New Zealand. It’s a compact game and therefore suited to a compact country. Also, it’s a great drinking game. You only need one hand.

  6. Thanks for all the comments everyone! I think I will have to look into this game, it sounds like fun!

  7. You can find all the petanque clubs and groups we know of on this map:
    Petanque in the USA

    It’s quite common to see folks play with a glass of wine in one hand, and a petanque “boule” in the other.
    As long as you make sure you toss the right one :o)


  8. Thanks for the info Philippe! I support any game that involves drinking wine!

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