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On our second day in Sonoma, we were graciously toured around by a local, Patrick of Iridesse Wines. We couldn’t have asked for a better host, it’s great to be able to see what’s wonderful about a town from the eyes of someone who lives there and knows all the good places to go. I can almost still taste the duck we had at Zin, a place I probably wouldn’t have known about/stopped at if Patrick hadn’t suggested it.

A new stop for everyone was our last winery of the day. Stephen & Walker Winery just opened as a tasting room in May of 2007 in downtown Healdsburg. They sell all of their wine through the tasting room and produce about 4000 cases.

(Image from the winery website)

We tasted through their line up, though sadly they didn’t have any Petite Sirah around since it was limited to club members only.

2005 Monterey Pinot Noir: $36. Cherry, earth, smoky, spice, reserved, strawberry, leather. We took home 2 bottles.

2005 Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley: $36. Smoky, oak, berries, blackberries, thick fruit.

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon: $65. Little funky, saddle room, black fruit, very dark stormy Cab.

2005 Portentous Mendocino: $65. 62% Petite Sirah, 36% Zinfandel, 2% Syrah. Chocolate, berries, blueberry, sweet.

Always fun to check out a new place, and the tasting room was gorgeous. Very nice selection of wines, I only wish I could have tried the Petite Sirah!


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  1. I Digged (Dugg?) you, but your “Toast This!” link seems to not work.

  2. Hmm. Thanks for testing it out. I’m on vacation this week, but I’ll fix it when I get home!

  3. Hi Sonadora –

    We are delighted that you stopped by to taste our wines, and thanks for posting our picture! Didn't you taste our 2007 Sauvignon Blanc? Please come back again and try it – we make only 300 cases. Our total production is actually under 2,000. Lots of great info on your site – thanks,

    Janet Texas
    Stephen & Walker Winery

  4. Hi Janet-I think I got there before it was released. I visited in mid-March. Sorry for the misinformation on the production numbers, I thought that’s what the tasting host said. I’ll stop by again on my next trip out West. Thanks for the comment!

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