Rose for the Summer

Last summer I was in love with the 2006 Grande Cassagne Rose. It was lovely and delightful for a price tag of about $9. Sadly, I have tried the 2007 and wasn’t that impressed. However, I happened upon this 2007 Bougrier Loire Valley Rose D’ Anjou and I have found a new love.

I picked this bottle up as part of my 12 under $10 case from Total Wine and More in Alexandria. It clocked in at 10.5% alcohol by volume and had a plastic cork closure.

On the nose I found banana, strawberry, lime, and something almost stony. The nose smelled crisp, it made me want to jump into my glass. In the mouth I got strawberry, raspberry, and slight citrus lacing the entire flavor.

Overall, the wine was extremely dry and the color, although it looks darker here in the picture was one of the palest Roses I have ever seen. It reminded me of the book I just read, Extremely Pale Rose! Crisp and acidic with quite a long finish, this was a very intriguing under $10 bottle of wine and a great bottle. I believe this will be my go-to wine for the summer, if I can find any more….Total Wine seems to not carry it now!