WBW #48-Back to Your Roots

Our founder and fearless WBW leader will be hosting WBW on this, the 4th birthday of WBW. Lenn started what can only be described as a phenomenon in the wine blogging world.

This month, Lenn has chosen the theme “Back to Your Roots.” He’s asking us to choose a wine from the beginning of our wine journey and taste it again. Perhaps even your first bottle of wine. You can read all the details here, and make sure to send Lenn your entry by August 13.

My first bottle of wine? No thanks. I drank junk in college. Stuff that came in a box, and not an even remotely ok wine in a box, gross wine in a box. Or giant bottles of whatever was the absolute rock-bottomed priced wine. However, the first wine that ever made me sit up and take notice was a 1999 Schmitt Sohne Riesling Auslese. At the time, I thought it was great and an excellent value…I could afford it on a college student budget. I drank it by the case for years. And then they seemed to stop making it and I was left with the Kabinett, which, truth be told, is not great. I don’t want to go back and drink that, although it was fine until about the 2002 vintage.

So I’m going to have to put a little more thought into this assignment.


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  1. Scmitt Sohne Riesling. Right on Sonadora! I remember drinking that early on when I was first in the military–during my former life, so to speak. I could afford it on a Private’s pay. Though back then I didn’t know the difference between Auslese and Kabinett. I thought about tasting that again for the heck of it, but I’ll probably go with some of the first bubbly I remember.

  2. Ah, the blue bottle! I used to get it for free too, one of my friends’ moms in college was a wine writer and she would bring us all her extra samples!

    Oh, and I’ve tasted it recently…definitely not good like I remember!

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