My Twisted Chicken

Bob, my Twisted Oak chicken, roosts in the chandelier in my kitchen. Despite the dazzling array of culinary delights prepared on the table below and the scintillating dinner conversation, Bob gets bored. Apparently Twisted Oak was far more entertaining than my house! He did get to go on an excursion earlier this year, for Take Your Chicken to Work Day, but ever since, he’s been stuck up in the chandelier. Although he was a finalist in Take Your Chicken to Work Day, he did not win. He’s been depressed ever since.

Until the other day when he overheard me mention the Wine Blogger’s Conference, coming up this October. I was telling Matt that I might head up to Twisted Oak and spend two days before the WBC visiting El Jefe and Company and the other Murphy’s area wineries. Since then, Bob won’t stop squawking! He wants to come to CA and accompany me to the WBC.

So what do you think, dear readers? Should Bob get to leave his roost and come to CA?


3 Responses

  1. take the chicken with you!

  2. Wow… Superchicken!

  3. I blog about chickens!! Tooo funny 🙂

    Love your blog … I thought it was going to be about Jack Daniels or Ripple – ha haa!!

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