Michel Schlumberger Jumps In!

Into the blogging pool that is. I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the newest winery blog, coming from one of my favorite Sonoma area wineries, Michel Schlumberger. They just started blogging 4 days ago, so they are new to the scene. A big congrats for taking the leap into the blogging world. You can check out their new blog, Benchland Blog, which I’ve also added to my winery blogroll.

To me, it’s a great thing for wineries to blog. Personal communication, on a routine basis, allows me to feel like I’m a part of what is going on at that winery, even when I’m 3000 miles away. Reading about events, and what’s happening to the grapes, and all the jazz makes me feel connected to the process and more vested in that winery’s products. I’m happy to see more wineries joining the blogging community. (Especially a winery I really enjoy!)

Welcome Michel Schlumberger!

PS-If you are attending the Wine Bloggers’ Conference this fall, Michel Schlumberger is one of the options on Zephyr Adventures’ vineyard hikes. I’d suggest joining that one if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting Michel Schlumberger and tasting the wines. You can also pick up the 2007 Pinot Blanc as it’s included in the bloggerpack I created for Domaine547!

PPS-Picture taken on my visit to Michel Schlumberger in April 2007. I returned for another taste of their wines this past March.

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