Tasting with the PSychos!

Matt and I were kindly invited to a tasting of Petite Sirah this Friday hosted by Loweeel of The PSychos’ Path, a blog focused entirely on Petite Sirah. Loweeel was hosting some out of towners for this event before the local Woot meet-up this Saturday. We were thrilled to be able to attend and contribute some of our favorite PS, one of my favorite grapes. Without further ado, the wines from the great line-up:

1998 Stag’s Leap Petite Sirah: Classic PS nose. Licorice, smoke, vanilla, blueberry, milk chocolate dark fruit.

1990 Sean Thackery PS: Stinky nose to start, unpleasant manure odors that blew off fairly quickly. Pepper, eucalyptus, mint, didn’t give up any fruit on the nose. Clove, little fruit in the mouth. Several hours later this had opened beautifully, showing more eucalyptus, pepper, and red fruit.

2003 Sean Thackery Sirius PS: Blueberry, vanilla cream, little heat, thinner in the mouth than I expected, tannic, blueberry, eucalyptus, slight red fruit. Definitely too young.

2005 Sean Thackery Sirius PS: Vick’s Vapo Rub, dirty, slight slight blueberry on nose. Blueberry, tannic, again slight red fruit. Bigger fruit than the 2003, seemed more ready to drink, though still young.

1998 Turley PS: Blueberry cream pie, anise, walnuts, smooth, well integrated, roses, black cherries, baking spice. My favorite so far, very good wine.

2001 Foppiano Reserve PS: Matt and I brought this. Little funk that blew off quickly. Black cherry, blueberry, little pepper, cassis, chocolate, spice, tannins, fairly well integrated, but still very young.

2004 Camellia Cellars PS: We also brought this. Cigarette smoke, blueberry, cream, tannic, short finish, cassis, a bit hot, licorice, fresh caramel.

2005 Chase PS: Baking spice, heat, pepper, white pepper, lots and lots of tannins, some fruit I couldn’t distinguish, not ready to drink yet.

2005 St. Helena Winery Violation PS: Vanilla, oak toast, cassis, blackberry, blueberry undertones, black cherry, chocolate, carmalized top of the creme brulee, a bit sharp.

All in all, a great line up, one I was happy to be able to participate in. Also, Loweeel made the BEST lamb we’ve ever had. Thanks for the invite Loweeel!