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*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample so I could participate in the live tasting from Bin Ends Wine.

As I mentioned last week, I participated in the Bin Ends Wine Live Twitter Tasting on Thursday. I will also be co-hosting the next round in September, more on that later. Additionally, I was on Wine Biz Radio talking about the experience this morning! Busy busy busy. With that said, I have detailed notes to share with you on the 4 wines we tasted live!

First up was the 2006 Hugel Gentil. It clocked in at 12% alcohol by volume, hailed from Alsace, had a real cork closure, and will run you about $10-$12. I asked the winemaker live on twitter what the blend for this wine was and he told me “It’s roughly 20% Gewurz[traminer], 20% Riesling, 20% P[inot] G[ris] and the balance Sylvaner & Pinot Blanc.”

The first thing I noted about this wine was the dark straw color. Next I moved on to the nose. The twitter tasting happened in split second timing, so I was typing notes as fast I could smell, and had to go back after the tasting was over to make sure I had covered everything! On the nose I found lemon, stone, spice, honeysuckle, flowers, lime, and orange blossom. I thought the nose was very nice and fairly complex for the price point. In the mouth I found apple, peach, lime, more flowers, nectarines, lemon, and more peach (apparently I really thought the peach was strong).

Overall, the wine was really dry, very refreshing, had a full mouthfeel, and was generally extremely well done for the price. I served it with our cheese course and it was great match. This is one I would definitely re-buy!


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  1. Do you still have the corks? Look again. I think they were DIAM, not traditional cork.

  2. Dear Sonadora,
    Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog and your style of writing. Congratulations on your rising profile and radio interview,

    I’m a chef and food writer.
    perhaps we could swap links if you like?

    From one wannabe to another.

  3. Hey dhonig-2 of mine had real corks and 2 had Diam. I thought that this was one of the ones with a real cork. I know the Jubilee had a real cork…

    Hi Kevin, and welcome. Thank you for your comment. I’d be happy to exchange links, I take care of that stuff on Saturdays usually, but will actually get to it tonight as we have company this weekend!

  4. hi
    good luck

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