Twitter Live Tasting!

More details area available for the upcoming (September 18, 7pm est) live Twitter tasting hosted by Bin Ends Wine and co-hosted by moi!

The line up for the wines, all from Michel Schlumberger, is:

Now, I have the Chardonnay and Cabernet in my basement already and I have an 05 Merlot…but I’ll be picking up the correct Merlot and the Syrah from Bin Ends!

Bin Ends is selling all 4 bottles as a tasting pack, including shipping, for $110. That’s a pretty sweet deal in my opinion as I believe that Cabernet alone usually retails for about $45!!

If you have yet to taste Michel Schlumberger’s wines, now is the time to pick up the tasting pack, follow us on twitter, and get to taste live and ask questions live of the winemaker!! How cool is that?

All the details, and the link to the tasting pack are available here. I hope you will join us for the live tasting, last month was a blast!

I have some brief notes from my latest visit to Michel Schlumberger and I will try to find those today and give you a slight introduction to some of the wines we will be tasting!


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  1. I still think you should come to NYC and taste with us in person!

  2. You know I’m in.

    Are you in WBW#49?

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