Can You Pronounce This?

The wine for the evening happened to have a very strange name, the 2006 Navarro Edelzwicker. We picked this bottle up at the winery on our March Sonoma trip, it cost $12, had a real cork closure and clocked in at 13.5% alcohol by volume. Navarro bills the wine as “Mendocino Table Wine,” and it’s a blend of Riesling, Gewurztraminer, and Pinot Gris.

In the glass, the wine displayed a pale yellow color, which unfortunately, you can’t see from my photo. Even though I got a new camera, I’m still working on the settings and actually taking good photos. Perhaps I should just give up and accept the fact that as a photographer, I suck.

On the nose I found perfume, spice, flowers, some underlying citrus, and 7-Up. Really, I said to Matt, “This wine smells like grapes.” No, I don’t mean to suggest it smells like the folks over at Smells Like Grape, though it could, I’ll let you know after the Wine Blogger Conference as I’m sharing a room with Taster B. In the mouth I got flavors of lemon, lime, (so really, if I knew what 7-Up tasted like, this might be it in wine form), flowers, honey, and a touch of spice. The flavors and body of the wine were quite light, though it did have just a hint of a creamy texture. Overall, an excellent bargain for the price.


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  1. No, I can’t pronounce it, but i can say that Navarro is one of my favorite Pinot producers from Mendo! I think you’re being too hard on yourself when it comes to the photo skillz, the white background works and the “pale yellow” color comes through on my end. Great review and i’m a huge 7-up fan so I’m definitely grabbing one of these the next time I’m in my favorite local wine shop, in-fact,
    Bummer, not on the site…

  2. Thanks for the comment Corey. We really enjoyed Navarro. It’s hard to find around here though, they don’t distribute much!

  3. Haha! Today I smell like pumpkin and mulled cider. 🙂

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