Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pinot Gris

I plucked a bottle of the 2006 Navarro Pinot Gris out of the basement for the evening. We drank this on its own after dinner, as is our modus operandi these days given the nature of our schedules, no time to chill a white wine before we eat, so we end up drinking it mostly after dinner or at the very tail end of our meal. I picked this bottle up when we visited Navarro this spring, it cost me $18, clocked in at 13.4% alcohol by volume, and had a real cork closure.

The first thing I noticed about the wine happened to be the very pale straw color. I really liked the way this wine looked in the glass. On the nose I found aromas of melon, lemon (ooooh, anagrams), lime, honeydew, orange blossom, and citrus. I wanted to jump in and swim in the glass based on the aroma alone. In the mouth I got flavors of grapefruit, lemon, citrus, green apple, and wet stone.

Overall, I thought the wine had a great mineral characteristic. In the mouth, I found it to be tart, dry, and refreshing, with good acidity. I’d serve this with a light white fish in place of my normal choice of Sauvignon Blanc.

PS-How are you finding my attempt at two pictures of each bottle? I’ve been trying it out for a couple of weeks now.


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  1. Navarro, one of my favorite places to visit and my favorite wine club.

    My 3rd grader just came home with a brain buster question from school…

    How many pickles do you have when you hae a peck of pickles…lucky for him I knew…

    It’s two gallons or 8 quarts…just thought you’d like to know.

  2. Love the 2 piccies…just love looking at wine 🙂

  3. I had a step parent who was a big “Silver Oak” fan. Unfortunately, that soured me on its Cabernet.

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