Beautiful Viognier

I picked the 2007 Nelson Family Vineyards Viognier for the wine of the evening. It had a real cork closure, cost me $16.80 in a club shipment, and Matt tossed the bottle before I could write down the alcohol content.

I have to say, this was one of the best Viogniers I have ever had and a terrific value at that. I wish I had more, I would definitely serve this bottle at Thanksgiving this year.

On the nose I found peach, flowers, prickly pear, honey, and apricots. The nose made you want to dive into the glass and take a swim. The aromatics wafted out of the glass and across the room and you couldn’t wait to drink the wine inside. An absolutely beautiful nose. In the mouth I got flavors of peach, pears, honey, a touch of spice, apricot, and orange zest.

The flavors showed as clean and crisp fruits, but the fruits were well developed and gave a full mouthfeel. A well done finish, clean and tasty. The wine just blew me away at this price point. I wanted more to drink. I can easily recommend this bottle.


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  1. Oh my God…now you are talking. Don’t get me started. Never met a Viognier I didn’t like. Our own ’08is dry and is now aging ‘sur lie’ before it is fined and cold stabilised. God bless Mother Nature 🙂

  2. I love Viognier! I think it’s so underappreciated!

  3. Without question Viognier is my favorite white grape, and finding a wine this delicious for less than $20 is a great deal. With yields typically on the low side, it’s not uncommon for such wines to be priced much higher. I will seek this one out and give it a try!

  4. […] to go buy your own bottle or 12.  Especially if you enjoy Viognier.  You can read my first review here. I will tell you that it’s not common for me to not want to take notes! I’m speaking of […]

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