Leaving On A Jet(Blue) Plane

My long-awaited trip to CA for the Wine Blogger’s Conference is finally here! I am joining 173 bloggers, wine folks, and other industry participants for 3 days of tasting, blogging, and good old fashioned fun in Santa Rosa.

Being that my trips to CA are few and far between, I’ve decided to take a few days of vacation before and after the conference and will be doing some exploring. I’m first heading up to Calaveras County to impose on the hospitality of El Jefe at Twisted Oak. I’m hoping to check out Twisted Oak and a few of the other wineries in the area before meandering down (across?) to Santa Rosa for the conference where I’ll be splitting a room with Taster B!

After the conference, I’m taking advantage of Patrick and Genevieve and will be staying with them in Sonoma for a few days! During that time, I’m doing a tasting with Thea and others at Titus and attending a press tasting of St. Helena wines at the Culinary Institute of America!

Quite a busy week planned and I’m quite excited! I hope to blog live quite a bit from the conference, but will be pre-scheduling some posts to go up here while I’m gone just in case internet access is spotty.

I’m sure I’ll have lots of new wineries and information to report to you when I get back!