Wine Times

I’m not quite sure where to even begin to start talking about the Wine Blogger Conference I just attended. I have so much to tell you about new wines I tasted, new wine services I learned about that you need to know about, sharing the joys of social media with folks who are just starting to dip their pinky toes in, and many many more things.

I will be staying in Healdsburg for a couple more days where I promise I will have even more to tell you about and I can guarantee it will take me weeks if not months to sort through all my notes and experience from this past week.

Some highlights and what you will definitely be hearing about shortly:

*Crush party for Twisted Oak
*Terrorizing Murphys as I attempted to visit as many wineries in 1 day as I could
*Discovering Emtu Wines
*Tasting at C. Donatiello

Stay tuned for even more as I make my way through all of the great info and wines (and I taste even more over the next 2 days!)

But until then, a few photos:

Thea of Vinquire, me, and Shana Ray of Shana; Not out on VHS Yet

Dr. Debs of Good Wine Under $20 enjoys a fresh local fig at Sara Lee’s vineyard after our hike.

Thea of Vinquire and El Jefe make nice.