Chilling at Chatom

I had one full day to spend in Murphys so I wanted to make the most of it. Murphys boasts around 20 wineries these days, which made it impossible to visit anywhere near all of them…but I sure took a shot at it! Sadly, I failed miserably, but the wineries I did manage to visit are certainly all worth a look if you make it out to Murphys.

First thing in the morning I stopped by Chatom Vineyards. Now, as you may recall, I reviewed their 2003 Esmerelda Syrah about a year and a half ago, after my mother in law went to her high school reunion and discovered several of her classmates owned vineyards, one of which is Chatom. So I made sure to stop by there to check out the rest of their offerings.

I showed up to Chatom slightly before they officially open, but as I quickly discovered in Murphys, if someone is at the tasting room, the doors are open for you to come in and taste. Chatom had a gorgeous porch area with tables where it would have been a perfect day to enjoy some wine and a light lunch. The tasting room itself is on the small side, however, the bar is good sized, and as it was just me, it worked out perfectly.

2006 She Wines White: $12. Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc blend. Pineapple, pear, apple, crisp but seemed to have some sweetness/sugar to it. All the profits from this wine benefit American Cancer Society.

2006 Sauvignon Blanc: $16. Light, tropical, pineapple, peach, crisp, very nice.

2005 Semillon: $16. Pear, banana, apple, light, very different. I don’t think I’ve ever had a 100% Semillon before.

2006 Chardonnay: $18. Nice nose of pear, apple, green apple, green pepper, flowers. Stainless steel fermented. Very well done, I took one home.

2005 Gitano Sangiovese: $16. Strawberry, cherry, vanilla, earthy, nice, light mouthfeel. One of my favorites of the tasting.

2004 She Wines Red: $12. Merlot, Syrah, Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Touriga Nacional blend. Raspberry, cherry, red fruit, tart. The profits from this wine benefit the American Heart Association.

2004 Zinfandel: $18. Blackberry, chocolate, plum, fresh tart fruit, slight oak, cherry, red in the mouth.

2004 Merlot: $20. Berries, plums, chocolate, red raspberries, juicy fruit, tannins, yum. I purchased one bottle.

2004 Cabernet Sauvignon: $26. Earth, leather, forest, red fruit, coffee, raspberries, tannic.

2004 Syrah: $22. Dark charred meat, slight dark fruit, black cherries, tannins, toasted caramel, dark fruit.

2004 Esmeralda Syrah: $34. Chocolate, red berries, jam, cherry, red fruit, anise, nice finish. I loved this yet again and brought one home.

2004 Vintage Port: $28. Chocolate liquors, Tinto Cao, Sousa, Alvarelho, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barola, Chocolate, candied raisins, light, nice mouthfeel.


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  1. my in-laws brought back some of there wine from a vist this summer to Calaveras area and we had some not too long ago. It was quite good!

    nice post.

  2. Hmmm…what’s with in-laws and Chatom? 🙂

  3. Like your new blog format! I’ve got to give Chatom another try, stopped by last July and it was so crowded, access to tasting bar was 3 people deep!

  4. Thanks Lynn!

    It’s worth the stop! Early (11 am?) 🙂 only little old me could be found in the tasting room….plus, it was a Thursday…

  5. Thanks so much for the informative and fun review of our winery. Sorry not to have been here to meet you when you visited and please return and ask for me. Hopefully, you can visit all the tasting rooms in our area in the future. It is wonderful/undiscovered area, with fabulous wines,great restaurants and quaint lodging facilities.

  6. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Gay. I hope to make it back to Murphys soon and will definitely come by again.

  7. It was a pleasure hosting you at Chatom last October. I appreciate the positive comments on our wines .

    See you again soon I hope and good luck with all that Government work that needs to be done. We can sure use the help !

  8. Hi Dennis-It was nice to meet you, thank you for hosting me and talking with me about the wines!

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