3 Generations of Tanners

I strolled down Main Street to the Tanner tasting room dragging some wine with me. In retrospect that probably wasn’t the best idea as my wine case only got heavier after I left Tanner.  I walked up to Tanner to find 3 generations of Tanners at the tasting room. Grandma, daughter, and granddaughter.  Apparently, on a regular day, I would have found 4 generations there with a great granddaughter usually in attendance as well!

I’m afraid to report that I neglected to take pictures at Tanner. I got wrapped up in chatting and carrying my then incredibly heavy box of wine and simply forgot. Also, Tanner has yet to put up a website, though I understand they will be doing so soon, and perhaps joining the blog community!

The Tanner tasting room is brand new. I believe they opened just about a year ago.  The total production for Tanner is 600 cases, however the Tanner Family owns many acres of vines.  They sell most of the grapes to other wineries and just started producing a small amount of wine under their own name in 2005.

Like many of the businesses on Main Street, the Tanner tasting room is located in a small old house.  The whole town is quaint and actually reminded me very much of a small town in New England.  I wish I could have spent several days exploring the town, but at least that gives me a good reason to return!

2007 Vermentino: $18. Lemon Sherbet, banana, lemon, crisp, dry.

2006 Syrah: $24. Plum, blackberry, spice, pepper, vanilla, big dark fruit, tannins.

2006 Barbera: $27. Juicy plum, lots of fruit, vanilla, pepper, blackberries, spicy, nice finish.

2006 Petit Verdot: $28. Earth, leather, dark, coffee, dark fruit, spice, smoke, black cherries, spice.  Loved this wine! I took home one bottle with me.

2005 Melange de Mere: $27. 47% Syrah, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13% Petit Verdot. Blackberries, oak, vanilla, dark fruit, tannins, toast, baking spice.

2006 Petite Sirah: $35. Blue fruit, blackberries, spicy wood, cinnamon, perfumey nose, very spicy, pepper, tannins.  We all know how much I like Petite Sirah, so this was a no-brainer.  I purchased 1 bottle.

I gathered that the Tanners are looking to jump into the blogging world, and social media.  I encourage them to do so, I’d love to read more about this family winery.  I really enjoyed chatting with the Tanner women and I think their family has a great story to tell.  They even showed me a picture of a great great great relative pouring wine for a customer!