Guess who took this photo?

Guess who took this photo?

I felt like a nice Pinot Noir the other night, so I swooped down into the basement and snagged a bottle of the 2006 De La Montanya Felta Creek Flying Rooster Ranch Pinot Noir. The wine came in a club shipment, clocked in a 14.2% alcohol by volume, had a real cork closure, and cost me $19.20. I am eagerly awaiting my next De La Montanya shipment…I just saw that they charged my credit card, so it should be here in short order. So many of their wines work wonderfully with Thanksgiving dinner!

On the nose, I first smelled vanilla covered cherries.  That aroma quickly blew off, and I found sandalwood, leather, earth, forest, spice, and raspberries. The nose didn’t give up much fruit, but the aromatics were beautiful.  In the mouth I got flavors of black cherry. Huge black cherries! Other flavors showed as raspberries, blackberries, spice, dark fruit, oak, espresso, and sage.  I know sage sounds a little strange, but I swear, I tasted fresh sage leaves!

Overall, the Flying Rooster Ranch Pinot Noir is just gorgeous. It’s drinking beautifully now, showing tart fruit, lots of structure, and a good varietal profile. I think this bottle in particular would be lovely with your Thanksgiving turkey!