You’ve Got to be %@#$! Kidding Me!

Hmm, see through.

Hmm, see through.

No, really, %@#$! is the name of this white, Rhone-style blend from Twisted Oak Winery, aka Potty Mouth White. The 2006 Twisted Oak %@#$! is made up of 41% Marsanne, 34% Roussanne, 19% Rolle, and 6% Viognier.  It clocks in at 13.6% alcohol by volume, came in a club shipment, had a real cork closure, and cost around $20.

On the nose I found apple, pear, apricot, honey, and butterscotch.  I could really smell the influence of the Viognier on the nose of this wine, even though the Viognier makes up the smallest percentage by far of the grapes in the blend.  In the mouth I found apple, pear, pineapple, crab apple, vanilla, and baked apple pie.

Pretty, confused Christmas Cactus!

Pretty, confused Christmas Cactus!

Overall, I thought the wine showed great acidity and had a huge mouthfeel. Silky, the Marsanne and the Roussanne seemed to really show through in the mouth, whereas the Viognier really lent itself well to the nose.  I have no idea what Rolle tastes like independently so I can’t speak to what it adds to the wine!


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  1. Loved the ’05 bottling, & El Jefe was cool & generous to find a bottle to compensate for another that seemed off– but it seems I missed a chance to try the ’06– whatever small library stash the Oak Pirates may have saved wasn’t sizable enough to bring any out to the Library Tasting earlier this month. Coulda-mighta-shoulda bought the ’07, the renamed ‘Reuben’s Blend’…

  2. Sounds yummy! I’ve been itching to try some of the Twisted Oak wines for a while, I’ll get there one of these days. Rolle is also known as Vermentino and I find it usually has an orange peel,pineapple, almond thing going on.

  3. Hi Vinomadic-I have an 07 downstairs that I have yet to try. I’ll be sure to report back. Thanks for the comment!

    Thanks for the info Jon. The wines are worth seeking out for sure!

  4. […] things over the years….it used to be a %@#$! aka Potty Mouth White. (I reviewed the 2006 here.)  This year, it is called the 2007 Twisted Oak Ruben’s Blend.  Ruben is the Twisted Oak […]

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