You say Garnacha, I say Grenache

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from WineQ because I am a Beta Club Member.

It’s all the same thing and it all tastes good to me. I love Grenache. I wish someone would name it the next “it” grape so that I could have many more to choose from! But alas, or, well, I guess not alas at all, since I love it too, I hear lots of predictions that Petite Sirah will be the next big thing. Who knows though? As long as it’s wine and it’s good, I’ll drink to whatever the next big grape is!

I chose the 2006 Bokisch Garnacha from WineQ for the evening. Mainly because I love Grenache and I really wanted to taste this one. I tried an Albariño from Boskich the other night and loved it!

The wine had a real cork closure, clocks in at 14.5%, and can be purchased for $17.99 from WineQ.  My first note for this wine involved the color. I really thought it looked exactly like a Pinot Noir in the glass. On the nose I found pomegrante, raspberry, strawberry, spice, red plum, and flowers.  In the mouth I got flavors of bright red fruit, cranberry, sour red cherry, pomegrante, pepper, spice, herbs, sage, and more red fruit.

Overall, my first impression of the color being like a Pinot Noir carried through to the actual wine. If I had tasted this blind, I would have guessed Pinot Noir, hands down. Now, I’m not sure what that says about my blind tasting skills, but there you have it.  I found the wine to be juicy, full of tart fruit,with nice acidity and herbal qualities. I actually remarked to Matt that it was like drinking a glass of alcoholic pomegrante juice!


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  1. It was a nice wine. I reviewed it a week or two ago. It is definitely one to drink fresh, as it falls off a lot the second night.

  2. Hey, Sonadora!

    Just to let you know I really do follow your blog now since your incursion into our Murphys tasting room. I don’t know if you’ve had the chance to meet Michael Bokisch, but he is one of the more passionate and engaging people I’ve met in this industry. He manages about 1,500 acres around Lodi and seems to have a passion for and story about every vine in those vineyards. Same holds true for the land. I could not absorb half of what he was teaching me on a day spent touring his vineyards. Bottom line: if it says “Bokisch” on the label, and its an emerging varietal, I’m buying it!

  3. Ah, that one didn’t make it to the second night dhonig!

    Hi Rich-Thanks for reading! I’ve tried a couple of their wines now and am really liking them!

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