Extremely Cheap and Tasty


What does $9 get you?  Not a helluva lot these days.  And with wine? Pshaw, not much at all.  Sure, you can probably go in and find dozens of bottles in the supermarket for $9, but this is so much better. I picked up this bottle of 2003 Longboard Syrah at the winery for about $9 on super sale. Matt seems to have tossed the bottle before I could get any of the details, but I know it had a cork closure and I would venture to guess it clocked in around the high 14% alcohol by volume level.

On the nose I found blackberries, plums, vanilla, oak, cedar, black cherries, and tobacco. In the mouth i got flavors of black cherries, blackberries, some spice, and a touch of vanilla. The fruit showed as tart and the wine was smooth and very fruity. Definitely a pleasing wine at the price and would be great for a party if you were having a crowd!

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