As Close to a Cabin as I Get

Mauritson 1I chose the 2005 Mauritson Rockpile Jack’s Cabin Vineyard Zinfandel to drink tonight.  Mauritson recently began offering a slew of Rockpile Vineyard single vineyard designate wines.  I believe they now produce 4 vineyard designate Zins, a Petite Sirah, a Syrah, and couple of red blends all from teh various vineyards in Rockpile.  The wine clocked in at 15.5% alochol by volume, had a real cork closure, and cost me $27 in a club shipment.

On the nose I found bramble fruit, blackberries, pie, spice, dark fruit, vanilla, cream, raspberries, and black cherries. I loved the nose on this Zinfandel, it just jumped out of the glass and smelled scrumptious.  In the mouth I got plums, black ad red berries, black cherries, chocolate, pie, vanilla, and licorice.

Overall, this is the kind of Zinfandel I love. The fruit showed quite fresh and the wine was fruit forward. It had tannins to spare, so I’d say this one could hang out for a couple of years if you want to sit on your bottles. I think I’ve got one left, so I’ll try to hang onto it for a year or two and I’ll let you know how it’s doing!