A Citrus Bowl

I’ve been in a white wine mood this week, even with temperatures plummeting into the 20s…brr! I reached for the 2007 Stevenot Torrontes that I picked up on my recent trip to Murphys, California.  This wine retails for $18, though I paid something less than that with a discount, it had a real cork closure and clocked in at 13.9% alcohol by volume.  Just as I was checking the alcohol content for you, I saw that the Stevenot folks added a handy little guide to the back label telling you the wine is dry, should be served lightly chilled, consumed within 2 years, and that it has a natural cork!  I wonder if they do that with all their wines?

The nose on the wine is just amazing.  It smells like a bowl of assorted citrus.  I found pink grapefruit, orange zest, lime, lemon, and lychee.  The citrus is incredibly fresh and so prominent.  I’d like to bottle this scent!  In the mouth I found orange, mandarins, and similar citrus to what I found on the nose.

Overall, the citrus dominated this wine both on the nose and in the mouth.  This would be an absolutely perfect summer wine for a hot humid day, something we have a lot of here in the DC area.  The wine was dry, crisp, refreshing, tart, and had great acidity.  Very yummy.