Wine in 2009

As in past years, Dr. Debs of Good Wine Under $20 has implored us to talk about what our wine resolutions are for the new year.  And like every other year, I don’t make resolutions…I’m not good at keeping them, so instead, I make a set of wine plans.  Let’s check back in on last year’s plans and see how I did and then I’ll set a few for this year.

1.) Read more. Actually, I did really well on this one.  Although I didn’t participate as much as I would have liked in the Wine Book Club, I did read well over a dozen books on wine this year and reported here on many of them.

2.) Cook more with wine.  Utter failure on this one.  What can I say? I cooked a lot less in general this year with Matt’s hours at work increasing and I spent about 12 weeks on the road for work, significantly cutting into my cooking attempts.

3.) Visit a new area of CA wine country.  Success! I even went to the one I said I would (Murphys up in Calaveras County) though in a different month than planned.

4.) Continue building a relationship with wine merchants. Pretty well here I think, I now have a great local shop and several fantastic online retailers who I trust for great recommendations.

So onto this year, what shall the plans be?

1.) Get to know Chilean wines. I really enjoyed the Carmenere I tried for December’s WBW and I currently have a whole case of Chilean reds just waiting for me to taste.

2.) Attend the Wine Blogger Conference again this year.  All and all, the best wine experience I had in 2008 and I can’t wait to go to 2009’s iteration.

3.) Get Matt up to Calaveras County. We’re tentatively planning our 2009 CA wine trip and I really think he would enjoy the wines, the people, and the area up there.

4.) Drink through some of the wines I’ve been hoarding. I got a start last year with Open That Bottle Night, but I have some others kicking around that it’s time to just open and drink. I’m kidding myself if I actually think I’m building a cellar for long term consumption, so I might as well drink and enjoy!

As usual, check back in around this time next year and see how I did!


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  1. I look forward to drinking some with with you and Matt in 2009.

  2. Oh that would be fun! I so hope we make it back to Sonoma again too! I love it there.

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