At First Taste

The fourth and final wine for the evening in the 89 Project’s Twitter Taste Live was the 2006 The Lackey Shiraz.  It clocked in at 15%, I purchased it from Bin Ends Wine, and it hailed from Australia.  At first, I really liked this wine and was ready to rank it as either my favorite of the evening or my second favorite. The big bold fruit flavors and the smokiness really appealed to me. However, we stuck the vacuvin in it overnight and finished it up the second day. It fell apart on day two and just seemed flatter, with muted fruit and all the nice smoke was gone.

On the nose I got lots of smoke that I really dug, mint, eucalyptus, leather, blueberry, lots of other dark fruit, and more smoke.  In the mouth I found cherry, spice, raspberry, cranberry, tart fruit, and lots of tannins.  With the structure and the tannins I really thought this would hold up well for the second night.  However, I see it available around the internet for $11.  At that price, this is a steal for a party wine as it really did shine on the first night.

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