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I rarely take pictures of my wine and food in restaurants.  I don’t know why, but I’m afraid other diners and the waitstaff might think I’m bizarre.  I know lots of food blogger routinely snap shots of their food while out and about, so I should really just get over it. And I almost always have my camera with me, so I just need to suck it up and take the pictures.  But what say you readers? Would you think it odd to see fellow diners photographing their food and wine?

So that’s the first part of this post, leading up to telling you why I don’t have a photo of the wine I drank at the restaurant D’Acqua.  I think this is the 3rd time we’ve eaten at D’Acqua, and I’ve enjoyed it on each visit.  This time we went with Matt’s uncle who happened to be in town.  On Tuesdays they generally get in a fresh fish shipment and I took advantage, splitting a white fish (sorry, forgot the name!) prepared tableside with Matt’s uncle.

While waiting for Matt’s uncle, I perused the wine list and took the liberty of ordering the wine. A cold biting day in DC, a big red wine struck me as perfect, and I wanted a Barolo.  The ones on the menu gave me a bit of sticker shock, so I asked the waiter who had another Barolo in the back that wasn’t on the list. Score! We ended up with the 2004 Monte Degli Angeli Barolo. The price at the restaurant was $64…looks like you can find it online for between $24-$30…so ouch, that’s kind of a big mark up. It clocked in at 13.5% alcohol by volume and had a real cork closure.

On the nose I found mushroom, earth, leather, cherry, strawberry, flowers, roses, and truffles.  Quite an inviting and promising nose. In the mouth I got flavors of strawberries, raspberries, earth, cherries, leather, and some more black cherries.  I found it to have great acidity and structure, showing lots of tart fruit and tannins on the back palate.  For $24, this is a steal. Drink up!


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  1. Thanks for this post! Piedmont is my fav region and nebbiolo is my fav grape. BUT, I am a poor 25 yr old server and cannot afford to throw down serious cash on barolos … however, thanks to you I may find a decent one that I can actually afford!!! CHEERS!

  2. I take photos of my wine in restaurants EVERY time I have a bottle. I’ve even forgotten to take the picture before a bottle was cleared from table and had the waiter bring the bottle back for a photo. I’ve done this in everything from 3 star to 5+ star restaurants, personal dinners, business dinners, you name it.

    I don’t just take a picture however, I upload the photo to Facebook in real time to a “Wine’ album. I have around 80 different photos in that Album, and try to not upload duplicates. I’ve been complimented many times by friends, business associates and the sommelier at many restaurants for having such a great, and easy way of cataloging.

    To me this is the best way to track what I’m drinking. I just wish Facebook gave me more room for text so I could write a real review for each photo I upload. I’ve been thinking of switching to Flickr since you can provide more info on each photo uploaded.

    Check out my Album, mostly New World with a sprinkle of old world (mostly Italian).



  3. I always find this to be a big challenge with having a blog where I often review restaurants. I don’t want to ruin the sanctity of the experience by feeling like I have to snap photos throughout the meal so I don’t take pictures but I know it would really be a tremendous benefit for my posts. Typically I try to find a photo that already exists online and give credit where due. Food photography is tough anyway, so I leave it to the pros. It’s not an easy decision though!

  4. After some early, intermittent attempts I don’t photograph (food & wine – if it’s someone’s birthday, that’s different!) in restaurants. For a start – I think it’s a bit rude to other diners (both at my table and others), and also to the restaurant. I do have a notebook I take pretty much everywhere so I can (discreetly) scribble down any details – though I have a good memory for food & wine (and it’s improving with exercise).

    At the end of the day – a meal out is about the people you’re with and often the food and overall experience, not your blog.

    Oh – and paulmon – flickr rocks! You’ll wonder why you ever used facebook photos!

  5. I’m photo happy in restaurants, and it doesn’t bug me if other patrons snap photos. I don’t take photos of other patrons or the staff. But I think pictures at my table, so long as it isn’t every 30 seconds, is fair game. I take photos of Wine bottles mostly, as mentioned in my previous comment. If I’m out having a special meal and one of the dishes is off the chart, like table side prepared ice creme made in a bowl of liquid nitrogen, I’m going to snap away. 🙂

    Alex, already use Flickr for other stuff, and just downloaded their Blackberry app, so I’m well on my way.


  6. Thanks for all the thoughts folks. I’m still on the fence about this subject!

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