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Some exciting happenings around wino-land these days.  First!

Wine Blogger Conference 2009! We’re headed back to Sonoma again this year, though we will also spend a day in Napa! Dates are July 24-26.  I’m going to make it by the skin of my teeth, but I’ll be there with bells wine charms on.  If you are a wine blogger and you missed this last year, I highly suggest you run to sign up before the 250 slots are filled. Besides being an awesome party, meeting all the other bloggers I’ve been talking to for going on 3 years now and getting to hear about their blogging trial and tibulations and tasting wine with them in person just couldn’t be beat.  All the details can be found here: Wine Blogger Conference.  Go forth and register and I’ll see you in Sonoma in 6 months!

And, Take Your Rubber Chicken to Work Week! El Jefe and the folks at Twisted Oak are once again hosting TYRCTWW!  Last year, as you may recall, my chicken Bob made it to the finalist round.  This year TYRCTWW had a theme: photograph your chicken actually learning how to do your job. I have to put some thought into that one as um…I read and write pretty much all day. However, my dad got a rubber chicken for Christmas, and he’s a plumber, so I’m sure he can find lots of things to teach his chicken! Start taking your photos January 25. All details here and here.

Bob's almost winning photo from last year. Addressing government minions.

Bob's almost winning photo from last year. Addressing government minions.

ETA: More news!

How could I forget to tell you that El Jefe posted the round up from WBW #53 Breakfast Wines?  About 30 folks jumped in and braved wine with their breakfast, or in our case, wine with their breakfast for dinner. Many thanks to Jeff for hosting. You can read the full round up here.

Also, if you are lucky enough to live in the Sanfrancisco Area, I would highly recommend that you check out ZAP 2009 from January 28-31. ZAP is the Zinfandel Advocates and Producers annual homage to Zinfandel. Tickets are still on sale and it’s your chance to taste Zinfandel from almost 300 different wineries. I love Zin, I so wish I could go. Details and tickets available here.


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  1. I’m going to reach out to some of our wineries. Maybe we can get involved this year.

  2. I hope you can! If not…you should at least come out and join us, it’s a great conference!

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