Sparkling Beauty

We got some good news in the Wannabe Wino household the other day and decided to celebrate with some much deserved bubbly.  I just so happened to have a bottle from the half case of Cameron Hughes Wine that I won at the Wine Blogger Conference that fit the bill perfectly.  I chose the Cameron Hughes Napa Valley Carneros Lot 25 1998 Sparkling wine to commemorate the occasion.  This bargain sparkler retails for $21, clocks in at 12% alcohol by volume, and had a traditional sparkling wine closure.  The story behind this bottling is that a small Napa producer intended to go into the sparkling wine business but at the last minute decided to keep the focus on still wine, so Cameron Hughes got their hands on some great sparkling wine that was meant to be part of a $50 offering!

On the nose I found honey, pear, yeast, peach, golden delicious apple, lemon curd, and bread.  I thought the nose was gorgeous, but it seemed as if the wine in the glass might be slightly sweet.  In the mouth I got honey, apple, lemon, and an aftertaste of yeast and fresh baked sourdough bread.  I found the wine to be a lot crisper in the mouth than I expected. It had nice bubbles and I found it to be very refreshing.  Who says bubbly isn’t for Wednesday nights!

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