Graciano? WineQ to the Rescue!

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample because I am a member of WineQ‘s Beta Club.

I chose the 2005 Bokisch Graciano for the evening. I hadn’t yet checked Graciano off my Wine Centiry Club application, so I was happy to receive this wine in the mail from WineQ!  It had a real cork closure, clocked in at 14.5% alcohol by volume, and retails for $25.99.

The nose (which by the way, I spelled “noze” in my quickly typed notes….too much LOL Cats for me I think) on this wine really opened up over the course of the evening.  At first I found sour cherry, tomato vine, earth, spice, licorice, red currants, and some funky mint.  After an hour or so the nose opened up with fabulous dusty chocolate and brown sugar.  In the mouth I got flavors of sour cherry, leather, blacker fruit than on the nose, earth, mostly black cherry, and other dark tart fresh fruit.


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  1. Wow, our notes track almost perfectly. I reviewed this one in November at 2 Days per Bottle. It’s a very nice Night One drinker, but falls off hard on Night Two.

  2. With the amount of twisted oak wines you’ve tasted, you’ve probably been able to check it off for over a year!

    It’s in the Parcel 17, Spaniard, and Torcido ’05.

  3. Ah…well, many times wine doesn’t make it to day two in our house Dhonig!

    Hey Loweeel….yeah, I know, but it was nice to be able to taste it as a varietal wine.

  4. Great to see Bokisch wines on the site – Markus and Liz are great people and they make awesome wines.

    Just tasted their whole lineup at a wine dinner here in Lodi. (Alebrijes Mexican Bistro) It was an experience to try them all paried up like that.

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