Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Alright, I fully admit that the titles of my news posts are getting cornier and cornier.  After over two years, I have ebs and flows in my creative titling. Plus, creative writing never seemed to be my strong point. Anyway, some news this week.

WBW #54 news! Our host this month is David McDuff who runs McDufwbw-new1f’s Food and Wine Trail, one of the blogs I look to immediately for news and information that skews more towards non-California wines….seeing as how my tastes seem to run to the California side of things (really, I’m sure you haven’t noticed that….)  David has set us to the theme of “Passion for Piedmont.” He wants us to sally forth, pick any wine made in Piedmont, taste it, and report back to him by February 18. Off to the wine store I go as I can easily tell you I have no wine from Piedmont in my basement.  All the details can be found here.

Next. The 2009 edition of the American Wine Blog Awards run by Tom Wark of Fermentation is now open for nominations.  You can no6a00d8341c64d253ef01116837f2df970c-800wiminate up to three wine blogs per person per category. No need to nominate a blog that’s already been nominated, no one gets extra points for extra mentions. The main criteria are that the blog posted a minimum of 52 times in the last year and that it is mostly in English.  I believe the awards feature 7 categories this year, ranging from Best Wine Blog Graphics/Presentation to Best Single Subject Wine Blog.  So head on over and drop a note in the comments of the section you wish to nominate your favorite blogs for.  All the details here, nominate blogs by posting in the comments for the category you want the blog to win in before February 8.

I believe that encompasses the news for the week, though, as always, if I think of something else, I’ll be back to edit it into this post!

PS: Have you registered for the Wine Blogger Conference 2009? I hear it’s selling fast, so if you want in (and you should want in!), head on over to the website to register ASAP.


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  1. It’s great that you have a passion for wine. We are occasional wine drinkers, but are no experts by any means. We just know when the wine taste good and we have more.

    Is your blog up for the awards?

  2. Hi Rolando, thanks for stopping by and for the comments. I don’t think anyone has as of yet nominated me for anything. 🙂 Nominations just opened today!

  3. Thanks for helping to spread the WBW word, Megan. I’ll look forward to reading your report on the 18th.

  4. No worries Sonadora, you’ve got my nomination!

  5. My pleasure David!

    Thank you Rolando, I appreciate the nod! 🙂

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