Take Your Rubber Chicken to Work Week 2009

My entry for Take Your Chicken to Work Week 2009 is considerably shorter than my entry last year. It’s been damn cold here these past weeks, including a couple days of snow and freezing rain, so my chicken Bob didn’t get the pleasure of seeing the sites of DC this year.  Plus, the theme this year is to teach your rubber chicken something about your job.  So without further ado, I present Bob at work with me.

First, Bob was delighted that I have moved cubes.  He agreed with me that it’s much easier to pass the day when you can watch the snow falling from your cube, and he didn’t feel the need to wander off around the building without me.

Next, Bob learned that while the adage is: “It takes a lot of beer to make good wine.” in the tax law world it’s: “It takes a lot of coffee to read and understand the tax laws.”  And he also learned that even only a portion of the tax laws and regulations is overwhelming.

Finally Bob learned what most human Americans already know: The weight of the tax code is crushing. And not in the good way of crushing grapes. Especially if you’re a rubber chicken.

If you’d like to enter TYRCTWW 2009, there’s still time! Get your photos to El Jefe at Twisted Oak by February 5, 2009!