A Rosé for a Rose Day

Happy Valentine’s and all that jazz.  I’m not really a big Valentine’s person, but I thought I’d give you a Rosé for the day anyway!  We chose the 2007 C. Donatiello Rose.  I got this bottle after attending a tasting at C. Donatiello this past fall…so I’m not sure if I should add my standard disclaimer since it wasn’t sent to me as a sample or offered to me as a sample, it was more like a party favor 🙂  Anyway…this wine is not available for purchase. C. Donatiello makes it exclusively for their wine club (and friends I guess!) which makes me even more inclined to want to join their club…hmmm…wondering how I can convince Matt that I NEED more wine…the label doesn’t contain much info, but if I had to guess, I say it was a Rosé of Pinot Noir, since C. Donatiello only makes Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc!  The wine clocked in at 14.5% alcohol by volume and had a real cork closure.

On the nose I found cranberry, strawberry, cherry tarts, flowers, lime, and spice.  As I drank this wine, I remembered walking in C. Donatiello’s incredibly cool aroma garden and I would love to take a glass of this Rosé and wander around there again.  In the mouth I found strawberry, raspberry, slight cream, and some racy citrus…I would almost say lemon.

Aroma Garden at C. Donatiello

Aroma Garden at C. Donatiello

I thought the wine showed as slightly creamy, but the fruit came through really tartly.  I found the wine to be quite refreshing and it made me long for summer when I can make use of my backyard for BBQs and just lounging on the porch.  Actually…this Rosé would be excellent with some spicy BBQ! Though I served it with parmesan crusted baked Tilapia…despite what they say over at Another Wine Blog, I love Tilapia…it’s inexpensive and you can dress it up or down. I find it versatile and it goes quite nicely with a crisp Rosé.