Oh ’99 L’ermitage I Love Thee

I truly do.  We first bought this wine while on our honeymoon nearly three years ago.  Tasting the Roederer Estate ’99 L’ermitage Brut was the first time I stood up and took notice of a sparkling wine.  Sure, I’d had other sparkling wines and Champagnes before, but none really struck me as worth going back to until this one.  At the time, we bought 2 bottles and a Magnum…the Magnum disappeared quickly at our West Coast wedding reception and the other two bottles went the same way in short order as we celebrated events at the WannabeWino house.  On our trip to CA last spring, I was determined to return to Roederer and get some more.  I did, though this time it was much pricier…we bought to bottles and drank the first with our fresh steamed crab legs on Valentine’s Day.  The wine cost us $60 at the winery, clocked in at 12% alcohol by volume, and had a traditional cork closure.  You can read my two previous reviews of this wine on the blog here and here.

So at times, my notes devolve into a series of “yum yum yum.” That’s how you can tell I really love a wine 🙂  On the nose of the Roederer I found pear, green apple, lemon, yeast, sourdough, and lemon cream.  I think in the 2+ years since I’ve had a bottle of this wine I’m definitely better at picking out flavors and aromas.  In the mouth I found the wine to be tingly and crisp with nice fine bubbles.  The flavors showed as very lemony, a different kind of apple than the nose, pears, meyer lemon, and a sweet tropical note on the back palate.  The wine went amazingly well with the sweet crab and butter, it really refreshed the palate and complemented the food.