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Lots of news in the wine blog world this week.

First, Wine Blogging Wednesday news.  David over at McDuff’s Food and Wine Trail posted his round up as the host of WBW 54: A Passion for Piedmont. David inspired at least 52 wine blog folks to break out Italiawbw-new2n wines for the edition of WBW and has an excellent round up of all the entries.  You can read it here.

Second, more WBW news! Our host for March, the 55th WBW, is Remy of Wine Case and his theme is North vs. South.  By that, he’s asking us to compare a Northen wine with a Southern Counterpart of the same grape.  So technically, you could do a Pinot Noir from Washington and a Pinot Noir from California, or a Malbec from France and a Malbec from Argentina.  Get creative!  Your entry is due March 18, and all the details are here.

Next, the American Wine Blog Awards.  The Finalists were announced the other day, and now the public voting is open until March 4.  As always, some excellent blogs are nominated (though this year, some very odd choices among them, in my opinion, but what do I know….) and many of my wine blog friends are up for awards.  So check out the nominees and then vote.

I think that’s just about all the news that’s fit to (wine) blog at the moment, though again, if you have a wine blog and you haven’t registered for this year’s Wine Blogger Conference, what are you waiting for?  Go, do it, and join us at a really excellent event.


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  1. Thanks for the news! If you have some interest in using Chilean wines for the southern contender, let me know.

  2. Couple of leftfield picks seriously. Wicker Parker – I had not heard of it. Bigger Than Your Head, I thought you or 1 Wine Dude should have been in there instead. And HoseMaster of Wine. Hmmm. I get the humor but all the naked girls sort of turn it into pleasuring material for the drunk and debauched. I had linked it on our blog site, but the photos kept popping up in the Blog Roll, so I had to 86 it. Who exactly judges these things to begin with anyway?

  3. nice info!

  4. Thanks Rob!

    Thanks for stopping by Kevin and Jayzee!

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