Hiking with Russ!

This past September, I finally had a chance to go hiking with Russ. Russ, in case you haven’t heard of him, is better known as the Winehiker.  He leads hikes all over the Northern California wine country that involve a hike, lunch, a wine tasting.  Russ kindly picked me up at the airport the day I arrived in San Francisco and whisked me away for a 5ish mile hike in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Now, I’m not much of a hiker.  At all.  Actually, I’m all around unathletic. And, I had just gotten off a plane from DC that left DC at 7am! But I was up for trying, and Russ promised it would be a moderate hike!  Now let me tell you, even if you are about as athletic as I am, it is worth it to get out on a hike in the Santa Cruz Mountains with Russ.  Russ is incredibly knowledgable about all the flora and fauna in the area and makes for a great field guide.  Following are some photos from my lovely hike, including the Banana Slug(s) that fascinated me!  Next time you are in CA, I’d highly recommend giving Russ a call to schedule your own Winehike!