The Great White Yonder

Well folks, it’s that time of year again.  Our annual pilgrimage to the Sonoma area.  This will be our 4th trip as a couple and it never gets old!  I wish we could just stay and never come home.  Having only made our first visit in 2006, by the end of this visit we will have spent a total of 20 days in the area…with me having a few more spent on my own! Not bad given we live in Virginia.

For a twist, we are going to go to Napa for 2 days to taste and visit with some folks who have kindly offered to show us around. I’ve only been to Napa once, and enjoyed my visit to Titus…thinking we’ll go back there so Matt can enjoy it too!  That should be Saturday with Thea and ending up with up at Lisa’s for dinner.  We also have a full day planned with some lovely hosts I’m looking forward to meeting on Friday.

As far as the Sonoma part goes, I’ve got so many people I want to see and so many places I want to take Matt…I’m just not going to be able to fit them all in, sadly.  That’s ok though, gives me an excuse to go back! We’ll be stopping in to see some old favorites (hopefully Coffaro, Teldeschi, Mounts, and Michel Schlumberger) and making some new friends over at Mill Creek.  I’d also love to be able to go taste with Penny of Coral Mustang (eek, I need more hours in the day!!) and Patrick of Iridesse will be escorting us around on our first afternoon in town!

Matt seems to think this is work…but really, I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do on my vacation!  Plus, I humor him and go on ski trips, so he gets to humor me and my wine tasting!  What do you think?  Anything else I just MUST do that I’m missing?


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  1. Iron Horse (just tell Joyce you’re a wooter), Mayo (fantastic, ask for the PS if they’re not tasting it), Dry Creek Vineyard.

    In Napa, DO NOT MISS VINCENT ARROYO. Tell them how into PS you are and do whatever you have to do to taste the Rattlesnake Acres, whether it’s barrel or bottle. Theirs is the first Chard I’ve actually LOVED (still in barrel). Jo can also probably help you out with that 🙂

  2. We just got back from our annual Sonoma anniversary trip and 2 of my favorites were Preston and Murphy Goode. Coffaro is also one of my favorites and Preston is right around the corner from them. He’s got a great Barbera and a Carignane and organic gardens with space to picnic. Murphy Goode has a new tasting room on the Healdsburg plaza and I love their Clarets and Cabs.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions Loweeel and Tiffany!

  4. If you like Zinfandel, don’t miss Bella Vineyards & Wine Caves ( when you are in the Dry Creek area. Have a fun trip! 🙂

  5. Thanks Chad…we’ve actually been members of Bella for a while!

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