WBW #56 Announced- Kosher Wines

wbw-new1Our host for the April edition of WBW will be the Cork Dork.  He’s chosen the theme of Kosher Wines in honor of Passover.  So basically, go pick any Kosher Wine and report back on April 15.  You can read all the details here.  This might be a tough one for me.  I’ve not noticed any Kosher Wines in my local shops (other than the famed Manischevitz in the grocery store….) and we leave for our Sonoma vacation on April 14, so I’ll need to have it purchased, consumed, and written about before then.  Not a lot of time to order the wine online and actually get it delivered in time….but I will try my best.


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  1. Give me a budget. I’ll put together something nice for you (and even take delivery myself)

  2. Last year, the Whole Foods in Clarendon had a number of Kosher for Passover wines. If you’re having trouble, you should definitely check there.

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