Boone’s Farm Chosen As Official White House Wine

In a surprise move that sent shockwaves through the wine community, many of whom considered the new President to be the “wine president,” the White House announced the selection of Boone’s Farm Apple Wine as the official State Dinner wine.

Explaining the decision, the White House spokesperson cited the need for the White House to set an example for the American public by cutting back in these economic times.  “Faced with a dizzying array of choices for the official State Dinner wine, ultimately the value presented by Boone’s Farm made sense in these times where fiscal responsibility should be a top priority for all Americans.” said the spokesperson.

Asked to comment on the surprise selection, the President confirmed and supported the choice: “Michelle and I are excited and honored to present this long-standing American product to all future guests at State Dinners.  We believe in setting an example for all Americans to look for ways to conserve resources during this time of economic crisis in our nation.” The President added “My favorite flavor is Blue Hawaiian while Michelle prefers Snow Creek Berry.”

Wine writers everywhere expressed shock over the selection as many prominent wine news outlets expected Obama to become the “Connoisseur in Chief.”  Wine Enthusiast magazine, which featured President Obama on the cover of its February issue and touted the fact that the President’s personal residence boasts a 1,000 bottle capacity wine cellar, declined to comment.  However, rumors of heads rolling over the gushing, but detail-free feature abound.

Similarly, Wine Spectator jumped on the wine president bandwagon and  went so far as to have their online “Unfiltered” column submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to discover the contents of the cellar. No word on whether they ever learned what bottles, if any, live in that cellar, but there’s no doubt someone is hanging their head in shame over that move.

High hopes for a new era of wine drinking in the White House seem dashed after this announcement, coming on the heels of the first State Dinner where all organic wines from 3 different states landed on the wine menu.

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