Spotlight On: Wino Sapien

In the second post in my series of “Wine Blogs Spotlight,” I bring you a blog from Down Under, Wino Sapien out of Australia.  Now, based on my own statistics counters I use here, I know that people tend to click out to the blogs on the top of my blogroll.  Lesson: Don’t name your blog with a “w”….uh, guess I should have taken my own advice!  And it’s a shame more folks don’t click on the wine blogs toward the bottom of my list as some great ones hang out down there.  Like Wino Sapien.

Written by Edward, who is also a doctor in Australia, Wino Sapien features wines that make me drool.  Many aren’t available here in the US, but I do keep my eye out when he mentions a particularly delicious sounding wine!  Edward manages to strike a great balance between wine reviews, recipies, restaurants, and more.  Wino Sapien also has fantastic photography of the wines as well as other images….just a few days ago Edward posted a great picture of a Kangaroo.  It seems to odd to me that Kangaroos just hang out in yards….but I guess they must be kind of like deer here!

Wino Sapien turned three the other day, and I’ve been reading almost the whole time Edward has been writing.  You should too.  Hop on over to Wino Sapien and check it out, subscribe to the feed, and enjoy!


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  1. I am also a regular reader of Edward’s blog and would endorse your recommendation. He is also a true gent!

  2. I have a question for you. I’m totally in LOVE with Menage A Trois and was wondering if you had any recommendations on similar tasting wine. I can’t seem to get sick of it but would love to try something new. I’ve tried looking for your recommended Dynamic but am having a really hard time finding it. Thanks!

  3. Megan,

    I’m honoured and flattered by the shout out. It’s made my morning!

  4. I agree Chris!

    Cookie, I’ve never had that wine, I’m sorry I can’t help you!

    No problem Edward, glad I could make your morning!

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