Wine Blog Spotlight: BrooklynGuy

I’ll be the first to admit that French Wine is not my forte.  But that’s one of the reasons I read the blogs of other wine blog folks—they teach me things I don’t know a lot about.  One of the blogs I turn to routinely for information about French wine, and in particular Grower Champagne, is BrooklynGuy’s Wine and Food Blog.  Among one of the first wine blogs I started reading, BrooklynGuy actually started blogging just a couple months before I did, back in 2006.  Oddly, I’ve found most of the wine blogs from the group I started reading began just a few months before I started mine, and most of us, happily, are still at it nearly three years later!

For quite some time, BrooklynGuy ran a great series that I looked forward to every week: Friday Night Bubbles.  Here, he presented us each week with a different grower Champagne, talking to us about the producer and putting the wine in context at a meal with friends or with his wife.  Recently, he’s decided to change the format to a “Wine of the Week” series to be able to show us the best of what he’s been drinking that week.  I’ll eagerly await these installments as well.  I’ve also enjoyed following the changes in BrooklynGuy’s life since the start of his blogs, the birth of his first child and now his second.  He interweaves his family and friends so well into his blog that I am drawn in, just to see how his dinner out with friends went, or how BrooklynLady liked the wine they enjoyed.  BrooklynGuy’s conversational tone lends itself well to the blog format, and I’m always happy to see a new post from him pop up in my reader.

So head on over to BrooklynGuy’s Wine and Food Blog and add it to your reader so you can follow the wine adventure too!


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  1. Right kind of you, Megan. Much appreciated.

  2. My pleasure!

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