Evolución? More like Regression

The offending wine?  The 2007 Evolución Chardonnay from Chile.

WHY OH WHY would you make a wine like this?

Tastes like scorched lemons diced with oak chips all wrapped up in a tub of butter. Even at $8.44 (the sale price on the internet, down from $19….) this is a do not buy.  Plastic cork, 13% alcohol, source: a wine of the month club.


7 Responses

  1. I couldn’t tell when I saw this description on Facebook whether or not it was supposed to be a good thing (like that infamous cat pee smell) or truly as terrible as it sounds.

  2. Thanks for the warning. It sounds ghastly!

  3. Good call! 🙂

  4. EWWWWW! Thanks for the warning! Sounds scary. Hope your taste buds have recovered!

  5. Definitely NOT a good thing Linds!

    Avoid at all costs everyone!

  6. Good call, Sona-D
    It’s important to call out failures in balanced wine reporting. I don’t read your blog enough to have a good grasp if this happens frequently but I’m glad to see it when it does.
    The public needs to know when they’re being flim-flammed. Sometimes you have to call it like it is.

  7. Well, you should come around more often Brad!

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