Pinot Pinot Everywhere!

For my next stop at the New Zealand I headed toward the table with the “fancy” Pinot Noirs, or rather, those chosen to represent the best of several growing regions.  I have only briefly tasted a few New Zealand Pinot Noirs before, so I really wanted to get a broader picture of what they have to offer.

2007 Gladstone: Vanilla, cherries, red fruit, huge aroma, smoky berries, strawberry, mint, earth, tight. One of my favorites.

2007 Craggy Range: Violets, pomegrante, cherries, earth, flowers, red fruit, raspberries.

2007 Spinyback: Earth, funk, herbs, smoke, tart red fruit, raspberries, needed some more acidity.

2007 Te Mania: Sage, Christmas Tree, cherry, strawberry, nice structure.

2007 Nautilus: Popcorn, smoke, herbs, slight red fruit, acidic, slight bitter finish, some red fruit, tasted like it might be in a dumb phase.

2007 Muddy Water: Red berries, vanilla, cream, earth, nice nose, cherries, mint, didn’t follow through in the mouth as I’d like.

2007 The Crater Rim Blacks Lot 7: Bright raspberries, cherries, raspberries, violets, great nose, perfumey, cedar, cherries, nice red fruit, bright, aliv, nice acidity/good structure. A standout.

2006 Valli: Strawberry jam, spice, cedar, pepper, fresh strawberries, really red fruit and fresh.

2007 Mud House: Red plums, red currants, pepper, tannic, red fruit.

2007 Carrick: Smoky, pepper, loam, vanilla, cherry, red berries, raspberries, spice.