Home Again, Home Again

Home again, home again. Our annual Sonoma (and this year Napa) area trip has sadly ended and we have returned home to our mundane government minion existence.  As always, I’m sad to see our time in the area end, but am happy to return to the comfort of my own home and life.

We visited 15 wineries, ate twice at Zin, hiked 6 miles with Russ, brought home 3 cases and 5 bottles of wine, plus picked up a to be delivered sometime in the distant future case of futures from Coffaro.  Some great wines, even more excellent friends, and some wonderful food later, our 5ish day sojourn is over. As always, we stayed at our favorite B&B where the breakfasts fill you up for the day and the hospitality can’t be beat, and this time we toured around in a brand new, bright red, Mustang. A shock to say the least when we picked it up, it had only 6 miles on it….we returned it with 702.

We saw Thea, Patrick and Genevieve, Chris, Jeremy, Judd, Judd, Shana, Lisa, Liza, Penny, Russ, Michael, Randy, Paige, and too many others to even count. (So sorry if I missed you!). Twitter taste live at Estate proved to be quite the experience, with fantastic mac and cheese, though little time to tweet due to my lack of a mobile device and the desire to socialize rather than be tethered to my laptop!

I’ll be back in July for the Wine Blogger Conference, but until then, I will, of course, regale you with tales of our trip and the wines we brought home!


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  1. Welcome home. It sounds like you had a great time. Looking forward to July. See you in Napa.

  2. Hey, there’s actually leaves on those vines. There wasn’t even bud break when I was there last month. What a difference a month makes.

  3. It was great to meet you and Matt last week. I hope you had a fun time and I will get that SB to you soon!

  4. It’s always an adjustment when you get home from CA. Looking forward to meeting you in July.

  5. It’s always an adjustment when you get home from CA. Looking forward to meeting you in July.
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  6. Looking forward to meeting you too Eric!

    Great to meet you Jeremy!

    Thanks HVWG!

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