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Quite a few happenings in the wine blog world these days, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring them to your attention!

First, the summary for Wine Blogging Wednesday #56, Fine Kosher Wine, is up over at the Cork Dork.  A wide range of Kosher wines made an appearance with a lot of varied reactions from the wine blog folks. Head on over and check it out!

Next, Wine Blogging Wednesday #57 was announced today by Jeff over at Good Grape. In honor of the 1 year anniversary of the passing of Robert Mondavi Jeff asked us to pick a California wine that inspired you, made wine memorable for you, or really helps you tell your wine story.  Entries are due on May 13.  Check out Jeff’s blog for all the details.

Then, how would you like $1000 for writing a wine blog post?  Then you need to read this post at PinotBlogger.  Josh wants to know what motivates you to wine blog and then to open a bottle of wine and use it to tell the world a little bit about your opinion of the role of the wine reviewer.  The more folks that participate, the higher the prize will be.  Entries are due on May 23.  I’ll certainly be happy to participate, though I will remove myself from consideration for the prize for personal reasons.  The nifty part is that Josh is aiming to add to your wine knowledge…half of your prize will be cash and half will be a scholarship for you to further your wine education formally.  All the details here.

Finally, are you 21 or older?  Do you love wine?  Are you fluent in Wine 2.0?  Would you like to earn $60K in 6 months?  If so, than Murphy Goode Winery has the job for you.  For $10K a month, for a 6 month contract, the winery is seeking a blogger/tweeter/videographer/wine loving person who will work at the winery and detail their adventure across the internet through various mediums.  You can read the preliminary details here, but get ready for more info coming soon…and if you are in the San Francisco area you can meet the boss in front of the Hyatt Regency and get early insider info on April 28! (By boss, do they mean Jess Jackson??)  Anyway, awesome opportunity and I wish those who intend to apply the best of luck.


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