Gazing at my Navel

Quite the kerfluffle flying around the wine blog world this last week.  Navel gazing in general tires me and finding lint is never pleasant, so I try to avoid it most of the time. Plus, no one really wants to see my belly after all the wine I’ve consumed over the last nearly 3 years of writing this blog.

However, given the nature of this particular brouhaha I find that perhaps my policies regarding this blog bear repeating or reinforcing at this time.  You can find my original statements, which I addressed in October, 2007, in the context of FAQs about Wannabe Wino here.  But for the sake of redundancy, let’s update again, and then I will post links to both these posts on my “About” page so that they may be easily located in the future and hopefully I won’t feel compelled to do this again.

FAQs updated/added to.

1.) What is Sonadora? Is that your real name?

Sonadora means “dreamer” in Spanish. No, it is not my real name. Somewhere along my path, I got my degree in Spanish language and am arguably fluent in it, and I always like the lyrical nature of “Sonadora.”

2.) What’s your deal with samples?

This one merits an update. Back when I wrote my first FAQs, I’d only gotten a few samples and most were books. Now, as frequent readers will have noted, I receive quite a few more samples than I used to.  If you are interested in sending me something, shoot me an email at to discuss the details.  I don’t guarantee a review or a good review, but let it be known that I have yet to receive a wine that I have not written about, except one that was corked.  I will always disclose that the wine was received as a sample and from whence it came.  Sometimes it might take me a few weeks or so to get to your bottle, but I will taste it and so long as samples don’t start arriving by the hundreds (hahaha) it will most likely get a review at some point because I am only one person, I post nearly every day, and if I drink the wine, I generally need it for material here!  In that respect, here on Wannabe Wino, I have chronicled nearly every wine I have tasted in the last 3 years.  In tasting rooms, at dinners out, the wines I buy, and the wines I am sampled on. Some wines from large tastings don’t make it up here, but that’s simply because I find it tedious to write up posts that are laundry lists of short tasting notes.

3.) Who pays for your wine travel?  You seem to go to California quite a bit!

Me, myself, and I!  My husband and I travel to CA wine country because we LOVE IT THERE. We honeymooned in Sonoma and delight in going back each year.  Recently, I’ve had the ocassion to go several times a year due to our regularly scheduled vacation, work travel, and the Wine Blogger Conference.  As to the Wine Blogger Conference, I like the rest of the wine bloggers, paid for my own hotel room, rental car, plane tickets, etc.  As I will again this year. I even get a roommie every year to try to save money!

4.) Do you get paid for anything to do with your blog? How do you support it?

I do not make a dime. I do not accept advertising. I stand to gain NO MONETARY BENEFIT from anything I write here.  In fact, the blog costs me money because I pay for the domain, to host it, and some other small feautres so I can customize it a bit better.  I support it out of my own pocket because I love wine and everything to do with wine! It’s my hobby…some people have scrapbooking, I have wine. To each their own!

5.) So basically you’re just a big ol’ wino?

Yep, that’s me. Many folks have suggested it’s time for me to drop the “Wannabe” from the title of the blog, but ya know, it’s kinda my brand at this point, I like alliteration, and I’m too damn lazy to re-do everything.

That’s all folks.  If you have any other questions, please email me or comment on the blog and I will try my best to answer (appropriate) ones…yes, I, from time to time, get inappropriate questions.  If the need arises (and I sincerely hope it doesn’t) I will post a FAQs update again. (You’d think we’d be jovial, we all drink enough…) But this ethics mumbo jumbo seems to creep its way up again and again…like that annoying itch in the middle of your back.


How Many Bears? Four!

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from Sean Minor Winery.

I like the story behind this wine.  It’s named 4 Bears in honor of the four children of the owners.  I had a chance to taste the Cabernet Sauvignon back at the Wine Blogger Conference last October and was quite impressed with the value I found in that $17 bottle of wine, so I jumped at the chance to try some other offerings from Four Bears.  You’ll see some additional reviews in the coming weeks.  Tonight I’m drinking the 2006 4 Bears Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc.  It retails for $14, had a real cork closure, and clocked in 13.5% alcohol by volume.

On the nose I found grapefruit, lime, citrus, orange, tropical notes, melon, and figs.  This one had a fruit cup for a nose! In the mouth I got flavors of pink grapefruit, lemon, lime, and white peach.  I found the wine to be quite limey in the mouth.

Overall I’d describe the wine as crisp, light, dry, and easy to drink.  This would be a great wine for the upcoming months, especially at this price point.  And it went really well with the Tilapia I so love to make in the warmer weather! Drink up!