The Vintage Towers

When we visit the Sonoma area, we always stay at the same place.  We found it 3 years ago before we left for our honeymoon…we knew nothing about the area, knew no one there, so we took a chance based on the adorable looking Inn pictured on the website.  As luck would have it, we stumbled across what has become our favorite place to stay of everywhere we’ve traveled.

After this being our 4th stay at the Vintage Towers, it almost feels like home to visit.  Owners Mary and Don welcomed us with a hug and a smile and a quick tour of the updates they’d made to the house since our last visit.  This time, a beautiful bouquet of flowers adorned the dresser in our room, along with a welcome back note!

We stayed in Alice’s Room on the main floor on this visit…our second stay in this room.  It’s easier to buy lots of wine wine when you don’t have to lug it upstairs and then back downstairs when you leave, and buy lots of wine we do on every trip! 😉  Alice’s Room is bright and cheerful and it’s extremely nice to have a king size bed….I wish I had one at home since Matt is a giant.

The best part about the Vintage Towers (and really, it’s hard to choose a favorite part given everything we love about it) are the breakfasts.  Hands down, the best I’ve had at a B&B.  Mary does all the cooking and serves up a 3 course breakfast every morning.  She uses as many fresh ingredients from the garden they have on the grounds as possible and dishes out a fruit and bread course, an egg course, and a meat course every morning.  You’re treated to scones fresh from the oven, egg souffles, warm cornbread with honey butter…the list goes on. And everything is fantastic.  It’s usually so much food that we don’t feel the need to eat again until late afternoon!

We had to leave early on our last day and were going to miss breakfast.  Without even saying a word, Mary and Don prepared a breakfast for us to take on the road! We couldn’t believe how kind it was of them to think of us and add that extra touch. They even prepped drinks for us….tea for me and coffee for Matt in to go cups and greeted us with everything as we were about to leave.  We can’t wait to go back again next year!


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  1. wow! I knew you loved tihs place but now i know why. I’m ready to stay there myself! Great find indeed.

  2. Hi, nice post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for sharing. I’ll certainly be subscribing to your blog.

  3. Your post just made me unbearingly hungry. 🙂

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