Long Lost Review

I thought I had lost this review, but it turns out my notes had accidentally merged into another draft post I had scheduled. No idea how I managed to do that, but I’ve learned over the last 2.5+ years of blogging that if it can go wrong it does….I once managed to delete my entire blog…just shy of 2 years in, I nearly cried…but somehow managed to resurrect it…not sure if I could repeat that if I needed to!

I drank this wine way back in January, but I thought it well worth mentioning for a couple reasons, even though it’s been so long.  I had traveled to Kansas City, MO for work and on the recommendation of Al I headed to JJ’s for lunch where I dined on a delicious Wild Boar Ragu over house made Papardelle.  I wanted a bottle of wine for later, so figured I’d see what the policy in MO is on taking opened bottles out of the restaurant.  Thankfully, this is legal in MO! By the way, JJ’s wine list is huge and impressive and has something for everyone at every price point. Plus, the mark up is more than fair.  I chose the 2006 Marc Bredif Chinon which I paid $24 at the restaurant….it retails for around $18-$20, so that is just an awesome deal.  It had a real cork and clocked in at 13% alcohol by volume.

On the nose I found cranberry, strawberry, candy, mint, banana, spice, and some earth.  In the mouth I got raspberry, cherry, cranberry, and a touch of spice.  Te Marc Bredif is 100% Cabernet Franc, another reason I wanted to mention it…I’m usually not a huge Cab Franc fan, but I loved this wine.  It smelled fresh and tart, and the fruit in the mouth showed as clean and, delicate, and quite fresh.  I drank this over the course of 3 days and had nowhere to store it but with the cork shoved back in on the desk in my hotel room. It didn’t degrade at all over that period, making it even more impressive in my opinion!