Notable Notes in the Wine Blog World

Lots of happenings in and around the Wine Blog World this week.  I’ll start with requesting some support for folks.

In case you hadn’t yet heard, Murphy-Goode Winery is offering the most amazing job to someone who wants to blog/twitter/ustream/etc. their experience living and working at Murphy Goode.  $10,000 a month, plus housing and you get to live in Northern California and work at the winery.

Applications are rolling in and I’m supporting my friend Hardy of Dirty South Wine.  If you haven’t checked out Hardy’s blog Dirty South Wine, you’re missing out. Hardy produces a quality piece of work, minus the pretension and snobbery of wine and full of hilariousness…is that a word?  Well it is now.  His video application is just one example of his off the cuff, in the trenches, funny approach to the world of wine.  Watch here, and vote for HARDY!

Next, I just wrote today about the Wine Blogger Conference Scholarship fund.  Please consider digging deep and donating a few dollars to help some really worthy wine bloggers attend the Wine Blogger Conference this year.

Then, don’t forget that Wine Blogging Wednesday #57: California Inspiration happens this coming Wednesday. Check out Good Grape for all the details and join us with your inspiring CA wine this Wednesday.

Finally, Vintank has released their long awaited and anticipated white paper on wine social media.  If you are a winery, a winery pr firm, a wine writer, even if you are tangentially related to wine and are reading this blog (yay, congrats, you’re doing social media) you should probably visit Vintank and download the report. Oh, and read it to…some good stuff in there.


Hug a Wine Blogger

Are you a winery?  Or a wine PR firm?  Or just a really generous soul? Do you think wine bloggers serve an important purpose?  Here’s your chance to show your support of wine bloggers!

Coming up very soon in July is the 2nd annual Wine Blogger Conference in Santa Rosa.  For some folks, the cost of the conference, lodging, airfare, etc., is cost prohibitive.  And, just in case you hadn’t figured it out, wine blogging pays wbc1bumpkis.  Nada.  Nothing.  So some of my fellow wine bloggers could sure use some help to get their little wine blogging rear ends to this important conference.

We’ve established a scholarship fund for the WBC and a scholarship committee to review applications.  Donations and applications are pouring in, and every single dollar will help defray the cost for some deserving wine bloggers.

Visit the scholarship blog today, read about what we’re doing and click on through to Paypal to donate.  If you would prefer to pay by check, please send an email to and we can connect you with an address.  Also, please address all questions to the same email.  Thank you for your support!

Also, if you are a wine blogger and could use some help with the cost of coming to the conference, please check out the scholarship blog and apply today!