Slurping Syrah

Hands down, this is the BEST Syrah I’ve had in recent memory. I loved it. LOVED IT.  I’m so sad I don’t have any left as I really want to drink more of this.  I ordered some wine from Domaine547 a few months back when Jill was running a a buy $75 worth of wine and get a free bottle deal…the free bottle the day I ordered happened to be the 2004 Curran Black Oak Vineyard Syrah.  It generally retails for about $30, had a real cork closure and clocked in at 14.6% alcohol by volume.

Oh what a great nose. This turned into one of those nights where I had to yell at Matt for drinking too fast (not really, but he finished a glass before I even tasted mine!) since my nose remained buried in my glass for an hour!  I found lots of black fruit, plums, spice, vanilla, plum pie, blackberry, violets, smoke, anise, flowers, and blueberry.  A wonderfully powerful nose delighted me and I would have just kept sniffing but I feared the rest of the wine would be gone if I didn’t start tasting.  In the mouth, I found the wine to be just as powerful and juicy as the nose suggested.  I got black fruit, plums, spice, Juicy fruit (like the gum, I swear), anise, earth, and blackberry cobbler.

If I had to describe the wine in sentence it would be: It smells and tastes like blueberry/blackberry cobble with anise laced plums on top.  I found this wine to be captivating both on the nose and in the mouth.  I’d recommend it in a heartbeat, this is my kind of wine.


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  1. Yay! (and let me know if you want another bottle or two, I think I have a couple left)

  2. Syrah (or Shiraz) here tonight too, 2002 Larrikan. Have had it in the cellar for about 6 months, still needs to decant.

  3. Thanks Jill! Will do.

    Hey David, good to see you ’round these parts again!

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