Eating Spoonfuls of Pepper

I’m still on a Syrah kick. I love it.  So I pulled one of the last bottles from the half case of Cameron Hughes wine I won at the Wine Blogger Conference to attempt to satisfy the craving.  I picked the 2006 Cameron Hughes Lot 77 Barossa Shiraz.  It had a diam closure and clocked in at 14.5% alcohol by volume.

Nope. Too spicy for me. It felt like I was sniffing my pepper grinder.  Once I got past that I noted some chocolate, campfire smoke, more pepper, and something earthy and herbal.  But it was really dominated and overwhelmed by the pepper.  In the mouth I found the wine to be tannic and peppery.  I found a bit of fruit juice with some herbs on the edges, but I just couldn’t get past the pepper.  So if peppery wines are your thing, this is perfect….but they aren’t mine (at least not to this extent) so this one is NMS.


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  1. All those flavors sound awesome…if only the pepper were in balance with everything else. It’s like some Cabernets with mint – a hint is fine, but when it’s the predominant flavor in the wine I’m not turned on.

  2. I have always been fascinated by wine and vineyards and would love to be able to wine taste one day. I created a graphic on my blog dedicated to wine. Maybe someday I’ll get to follow the dream, until then, its refreshing to read those of you who do.

  3. We were wondering too about the Lot 77 Barossa Shiraz if the grapes were planted next to a PEPPER FIELD. We planed to serve the wine for dinner and ended up pouring the whole bottle Shiraz into our Beef Goulash. The Goulash was really rich and flavorful.

  4. Mark, I think that was the problem…it would have been great if it were balanced. Thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Carmen, welcome, and thanks for the comment!

    Hi WineDineTv, thanks for coming by. I agree this would probably have been better in a stew! The pepper was just overwhelming!

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