Video Killed the Radio Star

“Video killed the radio star.

In my mind and in my car, we can’t rewind we’ve gone too far.”

Are you singing along yet?  Cause I am.  And I’ve been singing this song to myself for quite some time now, only with slightly different lyrics.  Twitter killed the blog comment.  Twitter killed the blog comment.  And then I hum the tune in my head.

I’ve been on twitter since March 17, 2007.  And for a little while, I was tweeting into the wilderness with just a few other winos, testing a new platform, seeing that new followers joined up, my blog readership began a steady uptick in traffic from twitter.  But it came at a price.  You see, the people most likely to comment on a blog (in my humble opinion) are involved in social media…they have blogs of their own (whatever the topic), they are one twitter, on facebook, etc.  And while those people, and others are clearly still reading blogs, twitter has moved the conversation.

I still get a lot of traffic every day from twitter.  But all those folks who used to leave comments on my posts….well, it seems they comment on twitter now.  And that makes me sad.  I believe that twitter has a place and function…but I don’t want it to kill the blog comment.  Because I think that people who wouldn’t normally comment on a blog are much more likely to come out of the woodwork if they see a couple comments on the post.  But those first comments from those who are already engaged in social media seem to be coming on twitter.

For example, yesterday I received these tweets about my posts, yet, between the two posts on the blog I only got 2 comments in the same time period.

chambertinone of the most important vinous RT’s of the quarter? quite possibly: RT @Sonadora

She_Loves_Wine@Sonadora I’ve wanted to try that for a while. It’s so odd to me up here bc I first assoc Schlum with Oil Fields. 🙂 I’ve heard it’s gr8.

JuliaRosien@Sonadora Easy Drinking: love that it’s peppery and still goes down easy – Glass for me please!

mwangbicklerGreat post by @sonadora on winery tasting rooms.

I’m just as guilty of this as anyone else, but I’ve been making a concentrated effort to get back into commenting around the blog-o-sphere.  I think that while twitter is one strategy to draw new folks to your blog, making relevant comments on other bloggers’ posts is just as valuable, if not more valuable.


A Chardonnay Kinda Day

I decided to serve a creamy chicken casserole the other night and thought rather than go in stark contrast and try to cut the cream by serving my usual Sauvignon Blanc, that I’d instead try to marry the flavors and serve a Chardonnay.  My choice also became inspired by the fact that we really only have Chardonnay left in the basement for whites…how that happened, I have no idea!  I picked the 2006 Chatom Chardonnay that I bought on my trip up to Calaveras last fall.  It had a real cork closure, clocked in at 14.5% alcohol by volume, and cost me $12.60 at the winery.

On the nose I found spiced pear, apple, lemon, apple butter, and cream. I liked the nose on this one a lot!  In the mouth I got tart fruit, pear, apple, lemon, peach, honey on the back palate, and pretty spicy! Overall, I thought the wine had a nice flavor and was just crisp enough to cut through a bit of the cream in my casserole!